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Estate Planning Attorney Serving Unionville, PA

WGFL Law offers a variety of estate planning services in Unionville, PA, to give clients peace of mind knowing their estate is secured for their loved ones. Whether you are creating a will for the first time or looking to update an existing will, our estate planning attorneys serving the Unionville area can oversee the drafting process to ensure it is clearly written according to legal standards. In addition to drafting your will, we can assist with a tax assessment to check any standing liabilities are attached to your estate. By managing these liabilities ahead of time, you can reduce the responsibilities of your executor or administrator. Contact WGFL Law today to get started.

Estate Planning Attorney in Unionville, PA

Bankruptcy Attorney in Unionville, PA

Unionville, PA Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, a legal professional can give you the insight necessary to make an informed decision. The Unionville bankruptcy attorneys at WGFL Law can guide you through the process of bankruptcy, helping you decide which Chapter to file for the best outcome. We offer support with Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Based on factors such as your income, whether you are an individual or a corporate entity, and the amount of debt, we can determine which chapters you qualify for and which chapters would have the biggest benefit to you. Our bankruptcy attorneys serving Unionville, PA, will protect your rights and fight for the retention of your assets. Contact WGFL Law right away to schedule a consultation.

Orphan’s Court Litigation Services for Unionville, PA

WGFL Law provides legal support, guidance, and representation within The Orphans’ Court in Unionville, PA. The Orphans’ Court oversees the matters of minors and incapacitated individuals. This includes estate handling, trusts, guardianships, and agents under power of attorney. Our Orphans’ Court litigation lawyers servicing Unionville, PA, extend their expertise to help resolve these cases either in court or through mediation.

If you are looking to designate guardianship for a minor or an incapacitated individual, our Unionville attorneys can assist you through the legal proceedings. Guardianship allows you to make financial, medical, and legal decisions for the individual in your care. This is essential for people with special needs, illnesses, or debilitating injuries.

Orphans’ Court Litigation Lawyers in Unionville, PA

estate administration lawyers in Unionville, PA

Unionville, PA Administrative Legal Services

Administrative duties are comprehensive, covering everything from probate to distribution of assets. Our lawyers and paralegals provide unparalleled legal assistance in Unionville, PA, helping you handle the complex tasks you have been delegated. The process begins with probate where it will be determined whether a will has been made. Upon opening the estate, we will walk you through the process of marshaling the taxes, liabilities, and benefits payable to the deceased. Our administrative lawyers offer empathetic support to Unionville residents, ensuring the smooth transition of assets to the beneficiaries. We work on a case-by-case basis, providing personalized service according to your needs. Call WGFL Law today to learn more about our administrative legal services in Unionville, PA.

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