Estate Planning & Administration Attorney for West Goshen, PA

Estate Planning Attorney serving West Goshen, PA

Planning your estate ensures that your assets are fairly distributed to your family and loved ones. Our experienced estate planning attorneys work with West Goshen residents to establish an estate plan. The estate planning services we offer in West Goshen include will writing, trust creation, designation of an executor, and tax assessments. Our attorneys lend their legal expertise to help you draft a will that clearly communicates your wishes. With the help of our experts, you can guarantee a comprehensive estate plan that fits your needs. Call WGFL Law today for a consultation with one of our estate planning attorneys serving West Goshen, PA.

Estate Planning Attorney in West Goshen, PA

Orphans’ Court Litigation Lawyers in West Goshen, PA

West Goshen, PA Orphans’ Court Litigation Lawyers

When it comes to proceedings regarding estates, trusts, guardianships, and agents under powers of attorney, WGFL Law offers legal representation for individuals in The Orphans’ Court. Our Orphans’ Court litigation lawyers have years of experience serving West Goshen and a comprehensive understanding of the legal system. Whether you are an executor, administrator, or beneficiary, we can help find a favorable resolution for any disputes involving the handling of an estate.

Minors and other incapacitated individuals can be assigned legal guardianship in The Orphans’ Court. Our seasoned lawyers lend their expert services to represent these individuals. With the assignment of guardianship, you are granted control over their financial, legal, and medical decisions. You can rely on our team at WGFL Law to help you obtain guardianship for your loved one.

Bankruptcy Attorney for West Goshen, PA

When filing for bankruptcy in West Goshen, PA, it is important to understand your options. Bankruptcy is divided into three separate chapters with different outcomes. When filing for Chapter 7, your assets will be liquidated and paid to debt collectors. With Chapter 7, any additional debts that cannot be paid through liquidation will be dropped. Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 help manage your debt payments by restructuring your finances. This allows you to pay the debt over an extended period.

Our bankruptcy attorneys serving West Goshen, PA, can assist you throughout the entire process. We first meet with clients to assess their needs. This allows us to determine which chapters of bankruptcy they qualify for and which chapter is best for their financial position. West Goshen residents and businesses can depend on WGFL Law to help them secure the financial support they need. Contact us today for more information regarding our legal services in West Goshen, PA.

Bankruptcy Attorney in West Goshen, PA

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